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PHP Array Flip Example | array_flip() Function Tutorial

PHP Array Flip Example | array_flip() Function Tutorial

PHP Array Flip Example | array_flip() Function Tutorial is today’s topic. The array_flip() function flips/exchanges all keys with their associated values in the array. The array_flip() function returns the array in flip order; for example, keys from array become values and values from array become keys. The values of the array need to be the valid keys, i.e., they need to be either an integer or string. A warning will be emitted if the value has the wrong type, and the key-value pair in question will not be included in the result.

PHP Array Flip Example

PHP array_flip() this function very useful when you have a big array, and you want to know if a given value is in the array. in_array becomes quite slow in such a case, but you can flip the big array and then use isset() function to obtain the same result in a much faster way.



The array parameter is necessary, and it specifies the array of key/value pairs to be flipped.

See the following example.

  'Hermès' => "H",
  'Gucci' => "G",
  'Prada' => "P",
  'Chanel' => "C",
  'Cartier' => "Ca"
$flip = array_flip($brands);

See the below output.

PHP Array Flip Example


Remember one thing that it can only flip STRING and INTEGER values. Otherwise, it will give a warning.

If you try to flip the non-associative array, then the indexes become the value and values become keys.

See the following code.

See the below output.


Remove duplicate values using array_flip()

PHP array_flip will remove duplicate values in the original array when you flip either an associative or numeric array. As you might expect it’s the earlier of two duplicates that are lost. See the below code.

In the above code, Louis Vuitton and Hermes are duplicate values, so the earlier duplicates are removed. It is may be good or bad, depending on the requirement, but no error is thrown. See the below output.


Conclusively, PHP Array Flip Example | array_flip() Function Tutorial is over.

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